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Poem inspired by Jeremy Northam

18 Oct

Canned Fame or How to survive on (Film) Cans!

These days to be a fan of Mr. Jeremy Northam means

to be not fully at ease and to cancel some dreams!

On our side there’s always a sort of trembling,

How he can hold his own in that movie world gambling.

“Let`s wait and see” is the motto,… but also a bit of a quiver,

if ever again, and, if so, what at last he will deliver?

A new movie, a TV-series or at least an audio-book? –

I dare say we don’t mind, out for only something we look!

Though our devoted group is willing to wait patiently,

It just happens that we get frustrated occasionally!

This and that hearing about Hollywood’s plans,

of ambitious movies, alas, Jeremy? – sans!

The obvious blindness of directors and producers,

And their odd decisions serve to confuse us!

Their constant betting on the same big names,

appears to be part of celebrity-games!

Since we know that “our man” is not inclined to do those,

We cannot do otherwise but call out loud: “Kudos”!

He prefers independence in film and in mind,

to make a great stir ? – he’s not of that kind!

But we cannot deny that it’s stretching our nerves,

That others earn glory which he also deserves!

And as much we appreciate his private style of life,

Our secret hopes for his career are with that at strife.

It’s none of our business, the choices he takes!

And for really true fans no difference it makes.

Whether to exercise restraint before risking one’s neck,

well…, in a sort of shark tank – so what the heck?

Could it just be that he, a person of intelligence

Is  one step ahead to conceive an important essence?

“Not everything is always there on a golden plate for you”,

It’s no good  “Wanting to have one’s cake and eat it, too!”

So let’s remain decent! –  the faithful fan declares,

and nicely accept the current state of affairs!

A well- earned break, even a longer vacation,

Will never impair our great admiration-

for the body of work, he’s already achieved;

in fact there is nothing to be deeply grieved!

If only he’s at peace and in a good mood,

we’ll be content a while longer with canned food!

by Martina

Which Jeremy Northam character am I?

15 Jun

I am delighted to bring you a wonderful poem, written by Martina, and inspired by one of Jeremy Northam’s film characters. It’s an even more impressive achievement when you learn that English is not Martina’s mother tongue. See if you can guess which character the poem is about …

Which Character Played By JN Is Meant?

The guy I am starting to enthuse about
Really deserves it, there is no doubt!
He’s acting reserved and big furore he shies,
Exchanges shy glances with smouldering eyes!
‘Still waters run deep’- that is the saying,
providing the evidence is Jeremy’s playing!
Our man has clearly to bear his burden,
with a sense of duty, that’s for certain!
And as upright he appears in shape and mind,
one wishes to comfort him in a kind!
He is struggling a lot with others mood swings,
Plus trying the same time to sort out his things!
A family unfeelingness is trying his patience,
he can’t understand the lack of sensations;
about a matter that aggrieves him immensely,
coming to terms with the past more intensely.
And when he finally is at his wit’s end –
benefit in shape of a clergyman is sent.
At once that chouse gives those people in need
for their doubtful souls something to feed,
harmlessly counseling them with odd devotions,
unknotting a tangle of hidden emotions!
And though he’s not conscious of talking to grievers
his ‘vinous’ tales transforms them to believers
in trust and in love and that it’s all worth,
and that there are more things in heaven and earth!
More lightness of being, allowed and well-earned,
amongst other things that’s what our man learned:
The whole trick to break up a icy heart’s block
is to make his father listening to the story of a . . . !

Here’s a little clue just in case you’re not sure …

Jeremy Northam and Sam Neill

Very many thanks to Martina for her wonderful contribution to our blog.

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