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Miami Medical lives on, sort of!

16 Aug

This made me smile this morning! It seems that fans of Miami Medical just can’t let it go, and want to continue to adore their favourite show even though it’s been axed. As well as writing the most wonderful fan-fiction (a virtual second season), they’ve hit on another way to get their Miami Medical fix.

Members of the show’s fan-run Live Journal site have decided to set up a roleplay game on Facebook, and you can join in! At the time of writing, there are pages for Matt Proctor and Chris Deleo, so if you’d like to take part and become a character, or just watch the fun, here are the links you need:

Matt Proctor

Chris Deleo

There is no further news, by the way, about Miami Medical DVDs. The latest update from the show’s creator, Jeffrey Lieber, is that there are some issues to be resolved with music. We hope to have more news by the end of this month.

by henrysmummy2003

Goodbye my Dr Proctor…

9 Jul

It’s time to come clean and admit that I am in love with Dr Matt Proctor…

There are all sorts of reasons why this is a very bad idea. Firstly, it’s totally unrequited. To compound that particular misery, he’s gone, I will never see or hear from him again, and all I have are memories of the brief time that I knew him. Secondly, and probably more importantly, he’s not real…but my emotions (and my hormones) don’t seem to realise.

Love at first sight...

Proctor is probably not anyone’s idea of their perfect man, carrying around all that mysterious baggage as he does. He has had serious health problems and major issues with commitment. And, of course, a job that very probably leaves him fit for nothing much in the few hours he has to himself.


So, what’s the attraction? I confess that I find him completely fascinating. He’s enigmatic, he’s quirky, he’s extremely accomplished and inspired, and far from being a stereotypical cold, arrogant senior doctor, he cares deeply (in a very British way) for his patients and his team. His problems with his health and his subsequent change in outlook and determination to live life to the full (including dangling dangerously off tall buildings) have left him with a killer hint of vulnerability.

The day it all changed

That same new outlook, that comes from having stared death in the face, has given him a certain wisdom, a perspective away from the here and now, and yet he doesn’t seem completely content. Ultimately, he remains tantalisingly unknowable. He also looks and sounds just like Jeremy Northam. I think you understand…

Paper pondering

Luckily, during the brief time that I knew him, we experienced a lot together and so I have many memories with which to console myself for his loss. I was there when he first, suddenly and inexplicably, appeared at MT1, tanned, tall, slim and beautiful in his fish t-shirt. I think it was love at first sight…


Since then, he’s made me laugh…always the way to my heart…

A fine romance?

and he’s made me cry…

I'd let you treat me any way you want...

…and my love has grown stronger.

The last time I saw him, it was up on the hospital roof (a favourite Proctor haunt), with his patient, releasing a duck which flew away into the most beautifully sad and meaningful sunset. It’s an image that will stay with me for a long time. I wish he could have turned round to say goodbye, and we could have shared a last, long and lingering look, but it wasn’t to be…

I think my heart may be broken. Farewell, beautiful, mysterious, funny Dr Proctor. Though you never knew me, I won’t forget you…

If you are similarly afflicted, please feel free to share your favourite Dr Proctor moments…it’s a well known fact that talking helps!

by henrysmummy2003

with thanks to Joan aka HazelP for screencaps

UPDATE: I have had confirmation today (11 July) that there WILL definitely be an on-demand DVD of Miami Medical. More news later this week.

Miami Medical, Down to the Bone review

27 Jun

Last week, we left Mike Vogel’s Dr C being given some very bad news by colleague and friend Eva Zambrano (Lana Parrilla). This week (which follows straight on) his brother Rick was not mentioned (he’s back for next week’s episode), but we can assume the bad news has made Chris feel more than a little vulnerable. The only father-figure he has is Proctor, who finds revealing anything about himself excruciatingly difficult. So, when a giant sinkhole opens up on a construction site and Proctor expressly forbids Chris from attending, Chris disobeys Proctor in an attempt to impress him, and heads down the sinkhole to rescue, and operate on, a trapped worker. As ever with a Jerry Bruckheimer production, the special effects are very convincingly rendered and no expense seems to be spared in the creation of the devastation caused by the sinkhole.

Dr C rebelliously but heroically heads down the sinkhole

These extra episodes, especially last week’s, have really helped build the character and cement our affection for Dr Chris Deleo, and Mike Vogel has imbued him with a lot of heart and warmth as well as the cockiness and bravado (and baulking at Proctor’s authority) that we saw in the main 8 episodes.

Joe waits anxiously for the commercial break

Needless to say, things don’t go completely to plan down the sinkhole, and we cut to Chris’s progress throughout the episode as he both attends to and gets to know his patient, Joe (Joshua Biton). Construction workers, like trauma surgeons, have little time for outside work relationships, it seems, and Joe confides that his boss is a father figure to him and has even had him over for dinner.

Colin comes a close second in the 'beautiful speaking voice competition'.

Joe’s boss, Colin, played beautifully by Jonathan Adams, is already at MT1 and being cared for by Alpha Team’s father-figure, Proctor. There are some lovely scenes between these two as they wait for news, and confront and compare their own situations. Proctor is every bit as anxious as Colin about his own particular man down the hole, especially after Eva has clued him in to why Chris did it, but he shows it in a much more British way (it’s all in those beautiful brown eyes…).

Eva explains...

Eva is much more overtly anxious about Chris. If Proctor’s his father, then Eva’s his big sister. Here’s a quick bravo to the writers for giving Eva the boyfriend line (and to Lana Parrilla for delivering it so perfectly!). Eva is involved in an interesting subplot, about women in male dominated professions, with her patient Meg (Rose Rollins, another strong guest performance). The discussion about women in both of their professions comes about when Meg takes exception to being assigned a male surgeon named “Angry Ortho” to repair her broken bones. Who’d blame her when you realise he’s none other than Dr Bruce Kaye (Michael O’Neill, whose face must have hurt from all that frowning) who we first met way back in the early episode entitled 88 Seconds. You’ll recall his extreme rudeness to a then very green Serena Warren. It turns out that extreme rudeness is his default mood, and he gets so steamed up and grumpy with Serena that he suffers a heart attack in surgery. Of course, Serena saves him, and they embark on an unusual and rather amusing friendship. “Angry Ortho” even manages a disturbing smile. Once again, Lis Harnois shows her quality as an actress. She can make you laugh or cry with equal ease.

I'm not sure that I didn't prefer him angry...

Although this was Mike Vogel’s episode, and the sinkhole location, though possibly slightly protracted, provided an added excitement to the episode, it was my beloved Jeremy Northam as Proctor who once again stole the show in the very last scene. Almost despite himself, Proctor finds he can’t be cross with Chris for disobeying him without admitting his anger comes from a place of affection. Chris delightedly pounces on this admission and teases Proctor by asking if he can came round for dinner. Jeremy’s face is an absolute picture throughout this scene. Somebody please write this wonderful actor some comedy. Whatever he chooses to do next, it can’t come too soon.

Proctor squirms deliciously

Down to the Bone is Miami Medical episode 12 of 13, which means that next week’s will be our last episode ever. I’m afraid CBS are messing with our heads by billing next week’s episode as the season finale instead of the series finale, because I’m told by Jeffrey Lieber, the show’s creator and exec producer, that there are definitely no plans for any more episodes. The fact that Friday’s episode got more viewers than the previous week’s, even though the show is cancelled and getting no promotion, cuts no ice with CBS. I’ll leave you to apply your own expletives…but not here, go to the CBS website, scroll down to the bottom, click on Feedback, and deliver up the contents of your spleen.

by henrysmummy2003

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