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Jeremy Northam as audio 007

21 Mar

Courtesy of the very helpful Louise Court at Orion, I have a little more information about Jeremy Northam’s audio readings of James Bond novels  Licence Renewed and For Special Services by John Gardner, already available as pre-orders from Amazon UK and being published in June and July of this year.

You’ll see that I’m including some information about another John Gardner Bond novel, Icebreaker, and the other upcoming novels in the series being published by Orion. At present, Jeremy has been asked to read the two I’ve listed above, but in answer to my question about the rest of Gardner’s Bond novels and whether they too will have audio versions read by Jeremy, Orion’s Audio Editor Pandora White told me:

He did such a good job with the Faulks book and he’s a fantastic reader and the right age and tone of voice.  If these work then yes, we will do more and with Jeremy.

Jeremy with Lucy Lui in stylish sci-fi spy thriller 'Cypher'

So, if you’d like more Jeremy Northam audio-Bond, you know what to do: spread the word and buy as many as you can! I hope all your friends and relatives like James Bond?

It’s possible to listen to an audio sample of Jeremy reading Sebastian Faulks’ James Bond novel Devil May Care here: Devil May Care sample.

Here is my information from Orion:

Licence Renewed, For Special Services, Icebreaker

by John Gardner

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

“John Gardner was the consummate thriller writer” Mike Ripley, The Guardian

“a master storyteller” Len Deighton

Published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first Bond title.

In 1981, almost 20 years after Ian Fleming’s death, John Gardner was asked to revive Agent 007. Between then and 1996 Gardner wrote fourteen Bond novels and the novelisation of two Bond films. In Gardner’s novels Bond and his allies are updated from the Fleming originals, and transported to the 1980s, with all the latest technology and weaponry. Bond now drove a Saab 900 Turbo – much to the bemusement of ardent fans of the Fleming originals.

The first of John Gardner’s novels featuring Ian Fleming’s secret agent. Bond has been assigned to investigate one Dr. Anton Murik, a brilliant nuclear physicist who is thought to have been meeting with a terrorist known as Franco. Together they plan to hijack six nuclear power plants around the world and start a global meltdown, unless Bond can stop them…

In this second instalment of John Gardner’s Bond series, Bond teams up with CIA agent Cedar Leiter, daughter of his old friend Felix Leiter, to investigate Markus Bismaquer, who is suspected of reviving the notorious criminal organisation SPECTRE.

Bond reluctantly finds himself recruited into a dangerous mission involving an equally dangerous and treacherous alliance of agents from the CIA, the KGB and Israel’s Mossad. The team dubbed ‘Icebreaker’ waste no time double crossing each other, as they try to root out the leader of the murderous National Socialist Action Army, Count Konrad von Gloda, a one time SS officer, who now perceives himself as the New Adolf Hitler.

NOBODY LIVES FOR EVER and ROLE OF HONOUR are to be re-issued in hardback on 7 July 2011, followed by further John Gardner Bond titles in 2012.

John Gardner began his career as a novelist in 1964, with THE LIQUIDATOR, featuring the character Boysie Oakes. In 1981, Gardner was asked to revive Ian Fleming’s James Bond series of novels. Gardner wrote fourteen James Bond novels, and the novelisations of two Bond films, LICENCE TO KILL and GOLDENEYE.

At the time of writing, the audiobooks can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK. They will also be available from other sources, please check closer to publication.

by Gill

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