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Jeremy Northam: gent?

14 Oct

I’m in a silly mood today. To my mind, silly is good, and to be encouraged (though my son’s teachers disagree …). And so, a silly poll at the Hollywood Spy blog, asking readers to vote for Best British Gentleman appealed to me. All the contestants were British actors. So, were we to vote for those who are good at ‘playing’ gentlemen, or those who we think actually are? And … define ‘gentleman’! But I’m in danger of taking it too seriously …

How, I wonder, did Dezmond come up with a list of potential gentlemen? Actors who look posh? Sound plummy? I was rather amused, but also slightly gratified to see that Jeremy made it onto the shortlist. This could be for any number of reasons, but I suspect it’s partly because of all the period dramas he’s done, and the fact that he’s called Jeremy and speaks nicely! And whilst Jeremy is an excellent and very versatile actor, he’s unlikely to be at top of many casting director’s lists for ‘uneducated bloke in council flat’.


Jeremy 'does gent'


So, silly me, I voted for my gentleman. Mind you, I genuinely think Jeremy was the best of that oddly assorted bunch, gentleman-wise. His ability to inhabit gentlemanly roles with such skill in so many movies, added to the dignity with which he’s always conducted himself in public, and really, he was the obvious winner. For all I know, Jeremy could be a complete slob, drop his aitches, swear like a navvy at nuns, and drag himself about on his knuckles when he’s in the privacy of his own home. But I DO know that people who’ve had the opportunity to meet him at stage doors have always commented on how polite and kind he is, in the face of their nervous gibberings. Recently, entertainment journalist Kate O’Hare met Jeremy on the set of his US tv show Miami Medical, and she made a point of telling me afterwards how charming he was. But I’m taking it too seriously again …

Did Jeremy win Best British Gentleman? Not quite … second place to an actor with a much higher public profile. But that’s okay. It was just a bit of silliness.


Quite ...


by Gill

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