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‘Jeremy Northam Night’ revisits ‘Miami Medical’

24 Sep

Having thoroughly enjoyed our Friday night at the movies with Jeremy, we’ve decided it’s now time to revisit Miami Medical for the next few weeks.

Tonight, we are right back where it all began, with the pilot. Do you remember the rabid anticipation? How we watched, watched and re-watched the trailers, fell upon every press mention, and wondered how many chat shows Jeremy might do (yes, we did get a bit carried away, it’s true …).

I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say that the pilot was not the strongest episode, but it has a special place in my heart because I have my very own copy of the script! In any case, start there we must, since we’re going to be watching all the episodes shot, and in the right order (not the order they were eventually aired).

Here’s a reminder:

88 Seconds
Like A Hurricane
Diver Down
Golden Hour
What Lies Beneath
All Fall Down
Calle Cubana
Man On The Road
Arm and a Leg
Time of Death
Down To The Bone
Medicine Man

It’s a bit cold here today for a double scoop, but maybe I’ll crank up the heating and imagine I’m in Miami …

Enjoy Jeremy Night and don’t forget to report back and tell us how it went.

by henrysmummy2003

Jeremy Northam: Just Call Him the “Intellectualizer”

11 Sep

A bit of silliness for the unofficial end of summer from yours truly, LauraP

So, get me. I’m reading Henry James! Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend, the American holiday that signals the end of summer—but was I reading a romance or a thriller or some other summer brain candy-type book? No. I was making my way through the carefully constructed complex and compound sentences of James’ The Aspern Papers.

Henry James? That's a coincidence...

Being a regular reader of this blog, if I say at this point that I have a confession to make, you can probably guess what it is. I wasn’t actually reading The Aspern Papers. Jeremy Northam was doing the reading and I was just following along in my copy of the novella. Gill, the founder of the Jer Blog who kindly lets me contribute my thoughts here, had been waxing rhapsodic to me for a few weeks about Jeremy’s reading of Henry James’ work. Her recent post about it may have sent you dashing off to SilkSoundbooks for your own copy of Jeremy’s Aspern Papers.

But Labor Day, and its associations of beaches and cookouts and one last grasp at fun before we go back to the Everyday Grind, juxtaposed with reading one of the most challenging writers in the English language, got me thinking. How many intellectual pursuits have I undertaken because the name Jeremy Northam was attached to it in some way?

I remembered a thread at Jeremy Northam Chat a while back where we were discussing how his involvement in a project has led us to expand our knowledge of a related subject—the time period one of his movies was set in, a literary work he did an audio version of, an historical figure he played. As I started to make a list of them all, I noticed he’s been the motivation behind quite a few of my more “cerebral” activities in recent years. More than I realized.

Now, I’m a fairly intelligent, well-educated person. I read a great deal—and not just romances and thrillers! I do tackle intellectual projects of my own volition. For example, my interest in gardening with native plants has led me to read works on botany, entomology and ecology. I’ve amassed quite a lot of knowledge about the native plants of my region and the benefits of using those natives instead of exotic imported plants in gardens.

But that’s only one puny thing on my side of the scale; the other side of the scale is completely overbalanced by a heap of Jeremy-motivated items. And here I thought I was an intellectual. Turns out it was Jeremy all along. The guy’s a regular one-man Enlightenment! I’ve taken to calling him my “Intellectualizer.”

Intellectualizer? I like it!

So, here are the mind-improving pursuits I’ve embarked on in the name of Northam:

Some are subjects I was already interested in, where Jeremy came along and spurred me to further reading. I was already a Jane Austenite when the movie Emma and his Mr. Knightley changed my life forever and I’d read Possession before his R.H. Ash swept me off my feet. I’d visited Brideshead Revisited and was already well versed in the Romantic poets when Jeremy’s superlative readings made me feel I’d only skimmed the surface of Waugh’s novel or Keats’ and Shelley’s poetic works.

As RH Ash in Possession

Others are things only Jeremy could tempt me to try. I’d dismissed Graham Greene after agonizing over The Power and the Glory in high school, so only rave reviews of his audiobook by some of you got me to listen to Our Man in Havana. (What an absolute delight that is, too. Don’t miss it!) A similar traumatic experience with W. Somerset Maugham and Of Human Bondage didn’t stop me from seeking out The Moon and Sixpence at the mere mention of Jeremy’s name being attached to a film version of the novel. That project seems to have died and gone to Development Limbo, but I enjoyed reading the book and trying to decide which character he would have played.

With Jeremy’s charming help, I have gamely tackled writers with the reputation for being inaccessible. The aforementioned Mr. James’ Golden Bowl was easier to plow through with Prince Amerigo to lead the way, and a CD of breathtaking readings brought to life the unique rhythms and vocabulary of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poetry for me. There do seem to be limitations to Jeremy’s power, I’m sorry to say. After two tries I still haven’t been able to get through Tristram Shandy. I’m so ashamed. Can you forgive me, Jer?

As Sir Thomas More in The Tudors

Jeremy’s gifted portrayals of Sir Thomas More in The Tudors and Rev. John Innes in Creation sent me scurrying to the library for biographies of More and Charles Darwin to learn more about these fascinating men. By the way, I love the confession by Paul Bettany, who played Darwin in Creation, that he read Darwin’s On the Origin of Species mostly because he knew interviewers on the movie’s press tour would be sure to ask him if he had. Now there’s motivation for you!

And then there are the little bits of Jeremy-related information that cling to my brain as if superglued there. No, I don’t mean the man’s birthday or his shoe size; the former is common knowledge around here and the latter is largely irrelevant. I mean things like what Brugada Syndrome is. When a relative was diagnosed with Brugada this summer, I knew a bit about it because of the Golden Hour episode of Miami Medical. My father was all ready to tell me about this rare condition no one’s ever heard of. He was dumbfounded that I had heard of it. Thank you, Dr. Proctor.

And at a cookout this past weekend—I didn’t spend the whole time closeted away with Henry James—the subject of Scotland came up. One of my relatives was trying to describe the unique bunkers at St. Andrews golf course. I could help him out because I so adore Jeremy’s wicked Walter Hagen that I’ve seen (parts of) Bobby Jones: Strokes of Genius at least a dozen times. My family has decided that I know the weirdest collection of facts imaginable. I’m not about to tell them the common thread is a British actor born December 1, 1961.

In case you’re wondering, there IS one subject Jeremy won’t be motivating me to pursue. Math. I’m allergic to all higher forms of mathematics, a complete math idiot. You couldn’t get me to solve an algebraic equation for X if it were written on his bare chest. Well…maybe if he asked me nicely, I might give it a try. Wait a minute! What am I saying? If Jeremy Northam is standing in front of me shirtless, the very last thing I’m going to be thinking about is math!

After all, woman doesn’t live by intellect alone.

by LauraP

Jeremy Northam fans rock, it’s official

9 Sep

In a day that’s seen me threatened by an enormous rabid motorcyclist who would rather I squashed an innocent and utterly brainless pheasant rather than delay his journey by 10 seconds, it occurred to me that one of the best things about all this blogging malarkey is that you ‘meet’ some really interesting and lovely people. It’s true, there are plenty of wing nuts lurking in dimly lit corners of the internet as well as on the road between Withersfield and West Wickham, and a goodly number of people out to get what they can at your expense, but on the whole, I’ve found admiring Jeremy’s work  has introduced me to friendly, generous, genuine folks with more than their fair share of intelligence, and I’d like to thank everyone who has so far contributed to, read and commented on this blog.  It’s deeply appreciated and I’m sure if Jeremy were to know about our existence, he might allow himself to feel a little proud that he has such great fans.

So it was with pleasure that I received an email today from Lori, who very kindly took the time and trouble to get in touch to say she’d read and enjoyed the blog. Regular Jer Blog readers will remember Laura’s excellent post about Piece of Cake in which Jeremy played handsome, naive airman Fitz Fitzgerald. Lori runs a blog about Jeremy’s co-star in Piece of Cake, Richard Hope (who played Skull Skelton).

Here’s a link to Lori’s blog: A Richard Hope Acclamation. Do go and have a look around and leave Lori a comment. Lori is extremely lucky in that she is in direct contact with Richard, so she has all the latest news about his work. This is in contrast to Jeremy’s fans who employ a crack team of private detectives to try to find out what his next project might be … (I’m joking … actually, we read tea leaves).

Here is a clip from Piece of Cake, uploaded by Lori to YouTube, and which features Jeremy and Richard.

The day was further improved by Alex Sharp of Suite101 name-checking this blog’s sister site Jeremy Northam Chat and its members in her article about yesterday’s Guardian/Audible free download of Jeremy’s audiobook Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell.

If you’re a UK resident, the free download is available until September 16th by following this link: The Guardian.

In other news, this week’s Jeremy Northam Night movie is An Ideal Husband. Don’t forget to watch tomorrow night and report back!


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