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Miami Medical: ‘Rescue’ by Sean McCue Now Available

25 May

Rescue, the song played at the end of the Miami Medical episode Golden Hour, is now available for online download.

Here’s the song in a little episode clip:

Rescue was written by Sean McCue, who has a WordPress blog here: http://seanmccue.wordpress.com/

It wasn’t available for download when the show aired, so I said I’d pass it on when I got more information. Here’s the link if you want to buy it:

Download Rescue for $1

If you want to check out more of McCue’s work, he also has a YouTube selection of 18 songs here: Sean McCue YouTube channel.

by SueVo

First published at The Exploding Egg. Reproduced here by kind permission.

Miami Medical, An Arm and a Leg review

22 May

I’ve just finished watching the latest episode of Miami Medical, An Arm and a Leg, and I am left both elated and bereaved, kind of like I’ve attended a wake. However, I’m saving the contents of my spleen and the aching of my heart for another time and instead we’ll be concentrating on limbs, amphibious reptiles, deeply unpleasant bacterial infections, and a great vibe.

Did you play ‘who’s going to die/survive’ during the opening scene? Hard not to, and a fun part of any medical drama like this. And was this not the coolest opening Miami Medical has had? ‘In the water…In The Water’…splash, thrash, chomp!

Mike Vogel takes centre stage as Dr C

An Arm and a Leg was written by Christina M. Kim and Scott Williams, and they did a great job. Once again, the show was peppered with wit and humour amongst the adrenaline and emotion, and this week it wasn’t necessarily Proctor who got the best lines. Fans of Mike Vogel’s work will have been delighted to see so much focus on Dr C in this episode. It was only fair, given that all the others have had their moment in the spotlight, and Mike took his opportunity and ran with it, delivering a touching and genuine performance. Previously, we’ve seen him being a little snippy about Proctor, flirty with Eva, and being caught with his pants down during Calle Cubana, but Proctor has always been the Alpha male and has been given the patients we’ve focused on. And of course, that’s allowed Jeremy Northam to treat us to some wonderfully moving and powerful scenes in that quiet but devastating way of his.

Not so this week; Mike Vogel finally got to show us what he can do, and it worked well. The benefit of having a strong ensemble cast has definitely meant that the writers can play with the focus effectively in this way. Praise should also be reserved for the A Martinez:  I wept with him when he saw his daughter Lucy after her operation, and I was particularly moved when he explained that his daughter, though legally old enough to make her own decisions, was ‘too young to realise that she’s mortal’. It’s moments like these that lift a drama out of the good and into the special.

This week, instead of Proctor being outside doing something odd, we had Dr C riding in circles on Proctor’s bike as Proctor himself got dizzy watching (or at least I was dizzy watching him watching…). There is definitely method in DocProc’s madness, as Dr C has realised. This scene also added another line to my hall of fame of quotable lines. Yes, it’s what Proctor’s grandmother had to say; I don’t need to repeat it, you know what he said!

Eva Zambrano, Black Eyed Peas fan

Lana Parrilla as Eva Zambrano and her Black Eyed Peas tickets provided another interesting and ultimately very moving strand to the story. I like the way that a little fun scene has been popped in at the beginning of each episode, just as the team are waiting for the patients to arrive, and this week’s was particularly enjoyable with Proctor (who the others had been ignoring, no doubt thinking him far too old to be interested in the Black Eyed Peas) dropping in his backstage story just before they all rushed to greet the incoming. Doctors, like police officers, are forever trashing their social lives and it was touching that the only people Eva could ask to share her tickets were her work colleagues and possibly a patient who then tragically and unexpectedly dies before she can save him. Lana Parrilla played this strand beautifully, and as she stood alone, accompanied by Law of Numbers’ wonderful track 7 Seconds, once again yours truly shed a little tear. Lis Harnois as Serena Warren had some lovely girly bonding scenes with Eva this week, and she seems to have recovered her confidence after her challenging experiences in the two previous episodes.

And so, on to our chomped man and his missing foot…strong stomachs were certainly required all around for this episode, and as if necrotizing fasciitis wasn’t enough, we also had a gruesome looking stump and Proctor fishing a human foot out of a gator…happily, a dead gator, but unhappily, accompanied by David Kronenberg-esque squelching noises.

Who's in charge? They both are...

Which neatly brings me on to our fledgling romance between Proctor and Dr Sable, played by Kari Matchett. Once again, the banter and the chemistry was there. Didn’t you love Proctor confidently using his charm to ask Sable out, only to be told she’d have to think about it? I adore verbal foreplay! Serena Warren’s reaction to the two of them: ‘should I be doing…something?’ was fun. Such a shame that this is the last we’ll see of these two together. Oh, and I have to congratulate whichever of the writers it was who gave us the ‘crude shunt’. Bravo for sheer audacity!

Dr Proctor shows Dr Sable his shunt

This was a wonderful episode, I can find little to fault in it, it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. A wonderful upbeat end to the show with the young medics dancing to the Black Eyed Peas, and a fitting way for the show to bow out. If I have any quibbles, it’s perhaps that I didn’t get to see my beloved Proctor deliver one of his quiet speeches this time around, and he was in rather shorter supply than I would have liked. However, once again I find myself having to say congratulations to all involved with this show, you all did a great job and you’re right to be proud of what you achieved. I’m going to miss my weekly dose of Jeremy Northam dreadfully, but it has been wonderful while it’s lasted.

And so, that’s that. Well…sort of. Next week, same time, we get to see the pilot episode again, and then on June 4 CBS are starting to screen the episodes that would have constituted part of season 2. As Jeffrey Lieber, creator and exec producer, explained to us, the episodes will seem a little out of sequence, but Jeffrey will be providing us with a bit of an explanation ahead of each of them so that we know where we are. The Jer Blog will be sure to keep you updated on that nearer the time.

If you enjoyed hearing the Law of Numbers track 7 Seconds, you can hear the entire track at their myspace page.

Sue has a great review of this episode up at The Exploding Egg, do go and check it out.

by henrysmummy2003

Jeffrey Lieber is sanguine about Miami Medical’s cancellation

20 May

Miami Medical viewers are still reeling from the announcement that our favourite show has been cancelled. I spoke to Jeffrey Lieber today, creator and exec producer, to see how he felt about it and what’s next for him and the cast…

Fans of Miami Medical are feeling shocked and disappointed about the show’s cancellation. It seems CBS have been pretty brutal this time around with quite a few shows not being renewed. How are you feeling about the way things have panned out?

I’m sanguine, if disappointed. I know — given a Fall launch in the flow of a television season — that we could’ve added to the very loyal (and very cool) audience that found us on Friday… at 10… in April… starting on Good Friday. That said, in the end, we made a show we are ultimately proud of. Once you make it, what happens to… when the networks schedules it… what the dynamics of the TV season are… what the new pilot looks like… is really out of one’s control.

Have you had a chance to touch base with any of the cast? Needless to say, we wondered if Jeremy had any thoughts about the cancellation?

I’ve talked to or tried to talk to everyone. Great people. As for what Jeremy thinks… I’ll respect Jeremy’s privacy and allow him to react if/when he feels like it.

Presumably, there are things, storyline-wise and otherwise that you had planned for future episodes that now won’t happen: can you let us in on a few ‘might-have-beens’?

We really wanted to bring in an irritant for season #2. Another doctor who drove everyone batty with his lack of decorum. We also really wanted to do a dark night of the soul episode… where patient after patient comes in beyond hope… where the victory is just saving ONE life. As for love interests and things like that… we were still feeling things out. We had no real plans to get our characters in bed together any time soon. GA sort of has a corner on that market at the moment.

Dr Proctor is such a fascinating character, created by you and built on and realised by Jeremy. People have really responded to him. You mentioned when we spoke last time that you and Jeremy had a collaborative approach to working. Can you give us some specifics on things that Jeremy added to Proctor and the show?

Jeremy was just very vocal about wanting to feel like everything that came out of his mouth was authentic. So, when he felt as if we’d written something that was inconsistent with his understanding of the character… he’d pull me aside and ask questions. I’d say 75% of the time, we’d change the line on the spot and the other 25% I’d express my strong feelings on the moment and he’d find a way to make it work.

You mentioned that the discussions you had with Jeremy right at the beginning played a part in persuading him to come on board. Do you think you might work together again?

That really depends on whether Jeremy wants to jump back into the rigors of American television. He’s a truly gifted actor, but TV can be one hell of a grind… different from British TV or film.

We’re all really looking forward to Friday’s episode, An Arm and a Leg, knowing you’ll have saved some great stuff for the finale. Can you give us some of your famous teasers?

Well, I’ll say that we conceived of the trauma on a Monday and then one of the other writers walked into the offices that Wednesday with an article of JUST THE SAME INCIDENT. It was as if we’d conjured it up. Also, the Dr. C. run in this episode is pretty great and the end… the end just makes me smile every time I see it. Black Eyed Peas, baby!

CBS are going to show the pilot episode again on May 28, and then the five episodes originally slated for season 2 after that. What can we look forward to in those episodes?

These episodes are great, BUT they are going to seem a little bit out of time. See, we were well into the shooting of the first 13 when we realized/were told we’d only be able to air 8 in the first season. We decided then that we’d adjust the order of what we had and then — when we got to season #2 — we’d do some reshooting to the additional 5 to make them part of the new flow. Now that they are going to get tacked on to the end of season #1, we’ll have to blog a little blurb to explain when they were supposed to go in the flow.

In what seems like a really short time, we’ve all grown very attached to the cast and to you and want to support what you all do next. You mentioned you have another project you’re working on for Jerry Bruckheimer: can you tell us anything about that yet? And what about the others (Mike, Lana, Elizabeth and Omar)?

I’m going back to work for JBTV on a couple of fronts. I’m going to write for The Whole Truth (ABC, Wednesday, 10PM starting in the fall) created by Tom Donoghy and I’m developing another pilot for next season. What will it be about… stay tuned. As for the others… all are back to work. Mike shot an independent film in Oklahoma (I believe) and is off to do another now. Lana has been in Hati teaching a film school and will soon be doing an episode of a TNT show. Lis is scheduled to come out in Robert Zemekis’ Mars Needs Moms. And Omar… Omar’s always moving and shaking… making movies/music. This will sound like I HAVE to say this, but all five of the actors on the show did us proud day in and day out.

I think we’d all like to say that EVERYONE did a great job, thank you all very much. And thanks very much to Jeffrey for letting us have his thoughts, we wish him and everyone involved all the very best with their next projects. The Jer Blog will be sure to keep you updated on what, where and when!

Sue at The Exploding Egg also spoke with Jeffrey today, you can read her interview here.

You can catch the next episode of Miami Medical, An Arm and a Leg, tomorrow at 10pm on CBS. It features the track 7 Seconds, from Law of Numbers. You can read more about that here.

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