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Miami Medical lives on, sort of!

16 Aug

This made me smile this morning! It seems that fans of Miami Medical just can’t let it go, and want to continue to adore their favourite show even though it’s been axed. As well as writing the most wonderful fan-fiction (a virtual second season), they’ve hit on another way to get their Miami Medical fix.

Members of the show’s fan-run Live Journal site have decided to set up a roleplay game on Facebook, and you can join in! At the time of writing, there are pages for Matt Proctor and Chris Deleo, so if you’d like to take part and become a character, or just watch the fun, here are the links you need:

Matt Proctor

Chris Deleo

There is no further news, by the way, about Miami Medical DVDs. The latest update from the show’s creator, Jeffrey Lieber, is that there are some issues to be resolved with music. We hope to have more news by the end of this month.

by henrysmummy2003

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