Which Jeremy Northam character am I?

15 Jun

I am delighted to bring you a wonderful poem, written by Martina, and inspired by one of Jeremy Northam’s film characters. It’s an even more impressive achievement when you learn that English is not Martina’s mother tongue. See if you can guess which character the poem is about …

Which Character Played By JN Is Meant?

The guy I am starting to enthuse about
Really deserves it, there is no doubt!
He’s acting reserved and big furore he shies,
Exchanges shy glances with smouldering eyes!
‘Still waters run deep’- that is the saying,
providing the evidence is Jeremy’s playing!
Our man has clearly to bear his burden,
with a sense of duty, that’s for certain!
And as upright he appears in shape and mind,
one wishes to comfort him in a kind!
He is struggling a lot with others mood swings,
Plus trying the same time to sort out his things!
A family unfeelingness is trying his patience,
he can’t understand the lack of sensations;
about a matter that aggrieves him immensely,
coming to terms with the past more intensely.
And when he finally is at his wit’s end –
benefit in shape of a clergyman is sent.
At once that chouse gives those people in need
for their doubtful souls something to feed,
harmlessly counseling them with odd devotions,
unknotting a tangle of hidden emotions!
And though he’s not conscious of talking to grievers
his ‘vinous’ tales transforms them to believers
in trust and in love and that it’s all worth,
and that there are more things in heaven and earth!
More lightness of being, allowed and well-earned,
amongst other things that’s what our man learned:
The whole trick to break up a icy heart’s block
is to make his father listening to the story of a . . . !

Here’s a little clue just in case you’re not sure …

Jeremy Northam and Sam Neill

Very many thanks to Martina for her wonderful contribution to our blog.

4 Responses to “Which Jeremy Northam character am I?”

  1. Mary June 15, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    The poem is fantastic. Sensitively into the plot of the film and the character of the performer written … Many thanks to Martina and setting of Gill in the Jer Blog

  2. Rosamond Tifft June 16, 2011 at 2:24 am #

    I just loved this bit of poetry and i commend you for sharing it with us. It suites Jeremy’s character and Jeremy the person, I have a feeling, to have his art so looked at in this charming fashion, a bit old fashioned but on the mark, that’s the Jeremy I imagine in my mind’s eye. I truly hope he knows we’re here and how much we admire his work. There aren’t many people in his class and class is what he has, like our Dirk and my other favorite, Paul Scofield and of course dear Maggie Smith and her progeny. This bit of poetry made me smile and I don’t smile as easily as I used to and be happy and I’ve been happy since reading it. Actually I’m happy all the time, make that happier. Many thanks,
    Roe Tifft

  3. Gill Fraser Lee June 21, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    Thanks so much to Martina, both for writing this wonderful poem and for allowing me to publish it here. It gave us all a much needed smile! x

  4. Martina June 22, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    You`re very welcome! I´m as happy about your kind comments as I´m to have made you smile! Thanks for ‘publishing’ me here, I find it a honour. And to say it with Rosamond, yes, Mr. Northam ought to feel honoured to have that effective, serious and devoted little
    PR-department of admirers here, at the JN Chat and wheresoever! :-)))))

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