Miami Medical, Diver Down preview

11 Jun

Tonight sees another out of sequence episode of Miami Medical taking to the air, Diver Down. This was also intended to be a part of season 1 when 13 episodes were originally commissioned, and there are plenty of treats to look forward to (although you might want to watch from a nice big room if you’re twitchy about confined spaces…).


Quick boys, every second counts!


Here’s the official information from (acknowledging a bad taste in my mouth) CBS:


“Diver Down” — Dr. Warren faces one of her fears head on when the team treats a group of adventure seekers injured while out on a dive. Meanwhile, Deleo and Zambrano become curious about the new woman in Proctor’s life, on “Miami Medical,” Friday, June 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Paul McCrane (“E.R.”) directs this episode.

CBS have taken down their official Miami Medical communication channels on Facebook and Twitter, which to me seems premature, and quite frankly, rude. Happily, the show’s creator, and friend to the fans Jeffrey Lieber, despite being very busy on his new projects, is still supporting the show, and he tells us that this episode

…is another new (meant be EARLY season #1) episode. Dr. Warren (and Paramedic Kleebus) both earn their stripes.

Diver Down is written by Christina M Kim, who co-wrote previous episode An Arm and a Leg, which featured all that delicious verbal foreplay between Jeremy Northam as Proctor and Kari Matchett as Dr Sable, so it’s fitting that she gets to reveal what happened after those lift doors closed…

The episode also features another song (Superstar) from The Jer Blog favourites Law of Numbers.  Jem and Dan are currently recording some new songs which will shortly be up on their myspace page.

Here’s Superstar:

and the trailer for Diver Down:

Last week’s Miami Medical episode, Like a Hurricane, won Friday night for CBS, and placed it at 22nd for the week as a whole (that’s across ALL networks, people). There’s that bad taste in my mouth again…

I don’t know about you, but these extra episodes feel like my methadone prescription…however, I’m not really quite sure I’m ready to end my addiction. It would really aid my recovery if I had just the tiniest smidgeon of news about Jeremy’s next project…please, agents/publicists/friends: think of the needless suffering you could save!

Sue has a great Diver Down preview up at The Exploding Egg.

Thanks to Joan aka HazelP for the image.

by henrysmummy2003

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  1. Mary June 11, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Dear Gill, we suffer with you …


  1. Miami Medical: Diver Down Airs Friday « Exploding Egg - June 11, 2010

    […] Update: Gill over at The Jer Blog has a great new post up on this as well. Check it out here: Miami Medical, Diver Down preview […]

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