Miami Medical, Like a Hurricane wins Friday night’s ratings

8 Jun

“What time do you call this?”, I hear you cry…yes, I know, but as Proctor’s grandmother might have said, Better Late Than Never. Here, finally, is my report back on Friday’s episode of Miami Medical, Like a Hurricane.

It was a slightly odd viewing experience because although this is episode 9, it was originally intended to air as third in the running order, after 88 Seconds, which is why we saw the others still perplexed by Proctor, references to him taking Eva Zambrano’s job, and Serena Warren still feeling very inexperienced.

Dr C doesn't yet 'get' Proctor in Like a Hurricane

We begin with a corker of a car accident, which takes place in the midst of a hurricane. There are three vehicles involved and tragically, the occupants of one of them do not survive. The haunting glimpse of the young child in that vehicle has stayed with me, and though I’m a parent and so find that scenario very difficult to view and contemplate, hats off to the writers and producers for including an episode where the obvious doesn’t happen, the child is not miraculously found and saved. Thank you also for not milking the sentimental possibilities.

Not quite the blade we expected...

Of the early episodes, I would say this was one of the best. Written by Scott Williams, it contained some very genuine moments, and a lovely performance by Lana Parrilla as Eva Zambrano, especially her scenes with her father (a beautifully crinkly, Santa-ish guest role from Emiliano Diez) and my favourite, a wonderfully played scene with Proctor where Jeremy Northam shows once again how powerful an actor he is by doing what looks like nothing. You watch, it’s Lana who has all the lines when she explains how she left Cuba, and she delivers them beautifully, but the emotional punch of the scene comes from Jeremy’s reactions and timing.

There were some great scenes with Mike Vogel as Dr C, still strutting as the cock of the walk, but having his assumptions and arrogance challenged. Nicely played, Mike. Lis Harnois as Serena Warren and Omar Gooding as Nurse Tuck paired up this week, as Tuck helped Serena with some of the more tricky people skills required in her job. For me, all of the guest artists pulled their weight in this episode. Lots to enjoy, I’d say.

We find out all about peaches at the Crab Shack...

What a shame this episode was not aired in its original place in the running order. Although I am now nearing some kind of acceptance that Miami Medical will not be coming back, I still think CBS have been far too hasty in cancelling it. If you look at the viewing figures, as SueVo recently pointed out, last Friday’s episode had the highest number of viewers of all shows that night. If there is method to CBS’s madness, it has defeated me…

So, another out of sequence episode to look forward to this Friday, Diver Down. More on that very soon.

by henrysmummy2003

with thanks to Joan aka HazelP for the images

7 Responses to “Miami Medical, Like a Hurricane wins Friday night’s ratings”

  1. Mary June 8, 2010 at 12:02 pm #

    Thanks for the post, you have described it well. All have played well, but Jeremy really great art. Too bad for cancelled show.

  2. Paula Hartt June 8, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    The decision to cancel was way too premature. It was obvious then and more obvious now. When I look at the shows that are running, that is where the main gauge is. Some of them are less than stellar. Thank you for, at least, allowing us to see the missed episodes. I watched at 8:00 pm which is a much more conducive time for viewershjip, not the 11:00 pm time I had the choice of in the original viewing.

    • henrysmummy2003 June 8, 2010 at 5:09 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, Paula. Agree, this show is far, far better than many others that have not been cancelled. I can’t imagine that the Tom Selleck vehicle which will take over Miami Medical’s slot is going to set anybody’s pulses racing, except through stress…

  3. Jennythenipper June 11, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    I agree completely about the scene where Dr. Z explains her childhood trauma. JN’s reactions are partly what had me tearing up.

    I really liked this episode. Dramatic, but not schmaltzy. I LOLed when the nurse fainted when they popped the kids rib cage in place. I also loved JN jumping up on the gurney. That was so cool.

    Protor really bonded with everyone this week. It would have made far more sense to have this be third episode.

    I’m still in denial about the cancellation. Winning the ratings has given me a flutter of hope.

    • henrysmummy2003 June 11, 2010 at 10:41 pm #

      Yup, trying not to be, but in reality still in denial here too…I’m going to be taking it hard when there’s no more to watch…


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