Miami Medical: The Final Five — A Talk With Jeffrey Lieber

2 Jun

With the episode Like a Hurricane approaching, well, like an oncoming hurricane, I got a chance to talk to Miami Medical Executive Producer Jeffrey Lieber once again and ask him what we’re in for over the rest of the season.

Jeffrey Lieber

The episodes will seem a bit out of sequence, but at least we get to see them — which was at least some happy news after fans learned that the show was canceled.

Here, then, is the interview:

The first eight episodes aired somewhat out of order, as I understand. What order did they air in and where do the new ones fit into that sequence?

About halfway through shooting we learned we’d only have space to air 8 of the first 13 episodes in the 1st season. The decision was then made to bank 5 episodes and to adjust them when we went back and starting shooting season #2. The result is that a couple of the remaining shows – without those adjustments – may feel out of time. For instance… in this week’s episode, Tuck’s stabbing is not dealt with at all. He’s suddenly fine. That’s because it was intended to either air BEFORE the stabbing or later in season #2 AFTER we’d resolved the stabbing arc. I don’t think it will really affect the fun of watching, but all of us on the writing staff… who feel a great affinity to the viewers… wish it were more seamless.

Were they also filmed out of order? Or do they get filmed in sequence, with each episode taking 7 days to produce, I think I heard? (Note: The original seven aired in this order: one, two, four, six, 13, seven and eight)

We filmed this episode second in the run of 13. That said, for the most part we shot in an order that allowed actors to be learning about their characters as the audience would. The only show that was really shot out of time was Golden Hour (which aired 5th). It was the last episode shot and yet we knew it had to air before Tuck was stabbed.

When/If we get a DVD of the show, will they be in the originally intended order?

I’m still working on figuring that out. As soon as I know about a DVD… I’ll let people in on it.

Was the CBS season finale, An Arm and a Leg, the actual intended finale or was it Golden Hour or another episode we haven’t seen yet?

Well, there have been 3 ends to season #1. When we first learned about only having space to air 8 episodes… Man On The Road (the plane crash/Proctor’s back story) was going to be the end of season #1. Then the Network wanted some shows moved up/back so it was decided that we’d end with Arm and a Leg. Originally — when we first started planning — the end of season #1 was going to end with someone from Proctor’s past coming back into his life, but that never got written because of the shortened season.

Will CBS show any more reruns after the five unseen episodes air? Or will that be it?

Don’t know what their summer plans are beyond the next five episodes. Again, let me get on that.

The next episode is Like a Hurricane. Anything you can tell us about it? Will we still get promos from CBS about upcoming episodes?

Friday’s episode is an origin show, with insight into Dr. Zambrano’s past. It explains a little more about why she is who she is, where she came from and deepens her relationship with Proctor. Here again, though, the out of time thing may color the episode a little. Loyal watchers may have the sense that “these characters should know each other better” and that’s because when shot, it was supposed to air in the first 5 or 6. As for promos… I think CBS will continue to put them up the week before.

Will we see any more of Kari Matchett and that matchup with Jeremy Northam in the as yet un-aired episodes, or were the past two episodes all we get to see of them?

We don’t see Kari again, but we do deal with her relationship in the episode that will air two weeks from now. (We had intended for it to be a three episode arc, but, again, the splitting of the two season required an adjustment.)

Doctor Proctor and Doctor Sable can even use a severed foot as a means for flirtation

Some fans have started a petition to save the show here: SaveMiamiMedical. Does that do any good at all? Is there anything else fans can do to save the show?

You guys are doing everything and we appreciate that fact more than we can tell you. I don’t know that it will change anything. There are a lot of tactical issues, such as actor availability, that prevent shows from coming back after they are canceled. Still, petitions/emails let the Network know how you feel about the show and the actors… and it makes the Network more likely to look for other vehicles for the writers and the stars.

How’s your new project going with ABC’s The Whole Truth? Is that a big switch going from a medical show to a lawyer show?

The Whole Truth is just starting out and it’s going very well. I’m there in a much more support role — Tom Donaghy is the creator and Ed Zuckerman is the showrunner — so my job right now is just to learn everything and anything I don’t know… which is a lot. I’m also concurrently starting to work on a pilot (with JBTV and Warner Brothers) that I hope to shoot next February. That series (if all goes well) will star airing fall of 2011. So… all good… and exciting… and busy.

Thanks for your continued interest and I really hope you enjoy the last 5 episodes.

Thanks to Jeffrey for doing the interview and for remaining available to the fans. We all wish him luck, wherever his career takes him next.

by SueVo

Originally published at The Exploding Egg. Reproduced here by kind permission.

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