Miami Medical: another chat with Jeffrey Lieber

3 May

Jeffrey Lieber, executive producer of Miami Medical, was kind enough to talk with me a bit more about how the show is coming along and what we might hope to see soon. Here’s what he said, in question and answer format.

Enjoy! And please check out the show Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

Jeffrey Lieber

The viewership popped up this week from 6.08 million to 6.7 million, which to my math-addled mind I’ve been told is about 30 percent. Is there a magic number that will get the show renewed? If we keep seeing viewership rise, when can we breathe a sigh of relief?
There is no magic number, especially since CBS will be making the final decision in the next two weeks. This means that by the time we would get to any specific number… we’ll know about season #2. That said… our case will be vastly improved if we continue to hold Medium’s lead in and if the next two weeks — with original lead ins — keep trending up.
If the show is renewed, when will it return? I’m not sure I understand how “seasons” work on TV. I’ve seen speculation that it would be back in the fall? Is there a chance CBS will give it a better time slot if it is renewed?
Good question… without a clear answer. Most likely we’d return in the fall… meaning September, but I suppose there’s a world where we get renewed for midseason again (AKA after January 2011). The latter would be hard because part of the numbers game is getting a solid launch with schedule flow… which is just harder in the middle of a television season.
You said previously that the show would start to break from formula a bit in upcoming episodes — any hints or teases for us?
Two of the last three teases include our characters and one of those teases doesn’t even involve a trauma incident per se. Additionally, the last three season one episodes really push character, with more leaning on the lives of Proctor, Zambrano, Deleo, Warren and Tuck.
There are some pictures out there from CBS of Doc Proc in a jogging suit in the snow — does that mean we’ll get to see a flashback of what happened to him before this season is over?
Yes. ;)

Doctor Proctor, played by Jeremy Northam, takes a jog

Mike Farrell was great to watch in Golden Hour. He and Jeremy Northam worked well together — I loved watching some of the glances between the two of them during Proctor’s speech, especially when he performed surgery on the chicken. Will we see Farrell again? Any other well-known special guests coming to the show?
Mike Farrell will hopefully be back in season 2. He was great in the episode and an administrator above Proctor as we go forward. As for other guest stars… I’ve been told that CBS publicity will take a toe every time I pre-announce anything so I must demure.
You outed yourself on Twitter the other day as a Cubs fan and you revealed that Doctor Zambrano’s name came from Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrano. Do any other names from the show have interesting stories like that?
Not in the main cast. My kids are both named in the next episode I wrote (not this week, but next) and Steve Maeda is always trying to get crazy names on his character. The truth is all names have to “clear” legally so a lot of times you start out with a name that has meaning, but it changes once the studio lawyers get a hold of it. The “Eva” in Eva Zambrano was like that. Her original name was “Marisol” Zambrano, but when it didn’t clear… we were sent a list of alternatives and — with Lana — we chose Eva. (In fact, now that I think of it Matthew Proctor was originally… Thomas Proctor.)
We’re seeing the first fan videos of the show come out on YouTube — generally comprised of some grabs from the show overlaid to music. How do you feel about these things? They apparently take a long time to put together and show a sort of labor of love by the fans, but at the same time, I wonder how you feel about people grabbing bits of your show and playing with them?
I LOVE this stuff. You have to realize how hard it is for all of us to separate the “character” from the “actor” and the “costumes” and the “set” and a thousand other production based facts. These videos are like the audience washing away all those details and returning the characters to us in pure form. Its very kind and flattering.
Many thanks to Jeffrey for talking to me again. And make sure you watch the show Friday nights at 10 p.m.!

Here’s a little gallery of some of the fan videos to pop up so far:

And this one, which has embedding disabled by request: This Never Happened Before (Eva/Proctor, Miami Medical)

by SueVo

originally published at The Exploding Egg and reproduced here by kind permission

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