Miami Medical, The Golden Hour, I’m just too excited…

30 Apr

Here’s a funny thing, today I have writer’s block, my brain has been too raddled to think of anything remotely of interest to you all day! This may come as somewhat of a relief to many of you…

And so it is with gratitude that I hand you over to Jeffrey Lieber, who has blogged about tonight’s episode and saved me from embarrassment (originally published at CBS Miami Medical website).

Episode #5

Welcome to week #5 of the show. (Pull up a chair… grab a soda… we’ll be serving free appetizers for the next few hours. You MUST try the shrimp toast… its fantastic.) Lots of cool stuff this episode.

First… there’s Mike Farrell… AKA Captain B.J. Hunnicutt from of M*A*S*H. From the very first pitch, M*A*S*H has always been in the DNA of Miami Medical and so we were determined to make a link between then and now. For a short while we were also plotting to bring Radar O’Reilly, Father Mulcahy, and Maxwell Q. Klinger (sans dress) into this episode, but then logistics got the best of us. We’ll revisit in season #2.

Mike was fantastic and the scenes with him and Jeremy are wonderful. Next, there’s a patient who goes missing during the course of the episode and where he’s found… (no, you have to wait for that)… fun story behind that one.

There’s also a guessing game in this episode… Dr. Proctor poses it in the teaser… I’ll be interested when people figure it out. If YOU do (and you’re first)… send a little tweet to our twitter page – CBSMiamiMedical – and we’ll give you MAD PROPS in next week’s blog.

Finally, we want to thank Lana specifically for her work in this episode. She gets… well… ABUSED over the course of the hour. When we looked at the final script and realized that she gets XXXX and then XXXX and then XXXX we wre momentarily worried she might take us to the woodshed. Instead she was a trooper… and is fantastic all the way through.

So, enjoy… this one has some curveballs… and – as always – let us know what you think,

Jeremy Northam and Mike Farrell, M*A*S*H in paradise...

Now, of course, as well as writer’s block, I will have insomnia to deal with as I try and try to work out Dr Proctor’s tease! And aren’t you dying to see Radar and Klinger and Father Mulcahey alongside Jeremy Northam? Oh please make it so, Mr Lieber!

Tonight’s episode looks set to be the best so far, chock full of treats. It’s written by Jeffrey and also Scott David Shapiro, who will doubtless be celebrating his first on-screen credit in style! The episode is directed by Matt Earl Beesley, who has worked on so many great tv shows it would exhaust me to list them (and you to read them!). And then there’s Dr Proctor’s speech to look forward to…the more I think about it, maybe I’m just too excited to write!

So, put your feet up and enjoy tonight’s episode but not until you’ve phoned everyone you know and reminded them to watch and been round to all your neighbours too. Harangue if necessary. Think of it as a philanthropic act: you really wouldn’t want them to miss out on something so good, now would you?

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