Miami Medical, a serious chat…

26 Apr

As a believer in people power and a marketing consultant, I’d like to borrow you for just a moment and have a serious little chat…

It’s often said, and people who say it are right, that the best and most persuasive form of marketing is word of mouth, and that’s as true in tv as anywhere else. Goodness only knows how much has been spent on tv ads for Miami Medical…probably enough for me to live quite comfortably on for the rest of my days. And although those ads needed to be made and aired for awareness’s sake, their power to pull in actual viewers on the night is limited. That job can be done far more effectively by you and me.

Come on, think, is there anyone else we know who isn't watching??

There is no immediate danger of cancellation, I should make that clear. But we can make a difference in ensuring that this becomes a really, really popular show. And the reality is that, although Miami Medical is getting better and better by the week, viewer numbers are dipping a little, and if we want to keep on being able to watch it and to see a second season, and for the show to get the recognition it deserves we need to persuade more people to tune in. And I’m afraid that nodding your head and sagely agreeing with me isn’t enough: you and I and all of us need to tell as many people as possible about the show and get them to watch it. Because if we don’t, and they don’t, there is a chance that Jeremy Northam will not be beamed into your house each and every Friday night. And that would be a tragedy.

A weekly dose of Jeremy Northam is good for you

So, good readers, get out your soapboxes, your megaphones and loudhailers, charge up your cellphones and position your keyboards, because we all need to make it our mission this week to persuade as many people as we can to tune in to Miami Medical on Friday night. WE CAN DO IT!! If you’re in USA, scuttle as quick as your mouse will take you to the CBS website because the trailer for the next episode, The Golden Hour, is there and it looks AMAZING! Tell your friends!

Dr Proctor makes a speech in The Golden Hour, Friday's Miami Medical

with thanks to Joan aka HazelP for images

To find out more about Jeremy Northam and meet other fans, visit Jeremy Northam Info

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