Miami Medical, All Fall Down…wot no fairies?

24 Apr

Funnily enough, when I was expecting my child, and didn’t know whether I was having a girl or boy, I rather fancied Myfanwy as a name (I’ve always liked John Betjeman). My husband wasn’t so keen (he was in agreement with DocProc), and in the end, we had a boy….anyway, enough of unusual names! Last night’s episode of Miami Medical, All Fall Down was so rich and so excellent, I hardly know where to begin!

It was lovely to see Louise Lombard, and as happened in last week’s episode with Fortunato, as Dr Proctor’s patient, her story was the most interesting. Needless to say, there were no fairies or battles, as jokingly suggested by my friend SueVo at The Exploding Egg, and Jeffrey Lieber’s clues (Blathnat and Boudica) were, shall we say, red herrings, but we had fun with them anyway, and it was nice to hear Jeremy pronounce them so beautifully! Unlike “trauma” which he pronounces inexplicably oddly…we put it down to DocProc’s eccentricity! The Brit contingent had some beautiful scenes together, and I was particularly moved by DocProc explaining to Karen that without dialysis, she would die. Jeremy’s whispery tones provoked tears over here, I confess…you cried too, admit it! But, you know, this week it was more about the doctors and less about the patients.

Of course, we were all, as was Dr Zambrano it turned out, anxious to know what happened at the end of last week’s episode, when we saw Eva in DocProc’s bed. And we were not enlightened right away. Eva’s discomfort, Dr Warren’s curiosity and Dr C’s growing  jealousy were very amusing, as were DocProc’s delicious evasions.

Dr C is still not sure about DocProc

I remember saying last week that I was hoping to see more of Dr C in the next episode, and happily his character has been fleshed out rather more this week. Dr C’s dressing down by DocProc (after he chose to keep him in the dark about Dr Warren’s error) was another highlight for me. DocProc’s anger was electric (Jeremy Northam can do so much with his eyes, they really did seem to flash), and anyone who’s ever been brought in as boss to manage a pre-existing team will understand his frustration. Dr C hasn’t liked Proctor from the start, and it looks like he’s going to be the last one to accept him as boss: will there be fallout from this altercation or will Dr C toe the line from now on? And will he and Dr Zambrano ever get together?

I enjoyed having Nurse Tuck back again, Omar Gooding brings a gentle, steadying warmth to the proceedings and I’m hoping we may focus more on him in future episodes. Dr Warren’s struggles to succeed and be taken seriously as a doctor continue to be affectingly played by Elizabeth Harnois, though if I were her, I’d paint on a few wrinkles!

Doc Proc's past catches up with him

So, what can I say about my building adoration of Dr Matt Proctor, aka HotDocProc, as played so sublimely well by Jeremy Northam? He’s odd, he’s quirky, he’s mysterious, he’s an inspired doctor, he cares about his patients and there’s a killer hint of vulnerability there too: is there a woman in America who isn’t in love with him already?

It seems unnecessary to endlessly bang on about what a good actor Jeremy is (you can all see that for yourselves), so all I will say is that when he’s on camera, and particularly when he speaks, the world slows on its axis just a little and he holds us all gently with him until he’s done with us.

My friend Debra commented that she was enjoying the way the writers are unfolding Proctor’s past a petal at a time. That’s a great image, and I agree with her, it’s a wonderful way to create a character, and it’s working for me. We found out a little more this week about Proctor’s past, and Jeremy brought a heartbreakingly tangible sadness and sensitivity to DocProc as he spoke about children and parenthood with Karen, and with Dr Warren.

Proctor really seems to “fit” with Jeremy, not that I’ve ever seen him badly miscast, but he seems very comfortable in Proctor’s skin. Wouldn’t we all love to ask him how much of Jeremy there is in Proctor? In life, as in art, I expect he’ll be keeping that a secret!

In next week’s episode, The Golden Hour, we are treated to two guest stars, Mike Farrell (ex of M*A*S*H) and Shari Belafonte (Hotel). More of that later, folks!

with thanks to Joan aka HazelP for the images

In the meantime, I’m sure you’d like to join me in wishing SueVo all the best with her house move this weekend and we’re looking forward to hearing more from her when she’s safely in her new home.

To find out more about Jeremy Northam, please visit Jeremy Northam Info, we’d love to meet you!

4 Responses to “Miami Medical, All Fall Down…wot no fairies?”

  1. Glaros April 24, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Very true indeed. If I hadn’t already been mad about Proctor, I would have fallen for him when I saw the dialysis scene you mentioned.

    Proctor is a brilliant role for Jeremy Northam who in my opinion shines most brightly when he plays enigmatic, secretive characters. And there is this quirky sense of humour that makes me smile ore even laugh out loudly. I hope that they won’t rob me of this weekly pleasure.

    • henrysmummy2003 April 24, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

      Yes, I hope the show will get a chance to complete its run and air a second season. We all need to persuade as many people as possible to watch! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Jennythenipper April 25, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    I just thought of another JN must-see: Enigma. He definitely plays an enigmatic character. Of course we don’t get enough of him, but when do we ever.

    I think this was the best written episode to date. I felt less like the show was revolving around medical stuff and more around characters and emotion, which is why I would watch it. I suppose that is the case with any new tv show. I think that we definitely have the vulnerability in spades with this character. Perhaps that’s is mainly what he is hiding with his eccentricity. I’d like to see a bit of a dark side to his character.

    I loved the one-liner, “yeah then we went to the library and had a threesome with Col. Mustard.” That was House-level snark.

    I also liked the “let me save your life” scene. JN was very good and so was Lombard. I’m not sure the writing is quite there yet though. I felt like the whole refusing dialysis thing was shaky. Why wouldn’t she tell Dr. Proctor why she was refusing treatment? I understand why she wouldn’t want to risk the adoption, but I don’t understand why she wouldn’t say. It doesn’t make sense. I know they have to invent storyline that can be solved quickly in an episode, but this just struck me as padding it out a bit.

    I still don’t feel completely invested in these characters. I think I liked Dr. Z and P more when I thought they slept together just because it made them a bit more human.

    Next week’s episode is called Golden Hour. I wonder how close to the British series, they will take this show. I’m getting tired of reading about the show and not ever seeing any acknowledgement of “Golden Hour.”

    • henrysmummy2003 April 25, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

      Hi Jenny! Agree with you about Enigma (and about there never being quite enough Jeremy! Perhaps he treats us mean to keep us keen!). I’m sure you know about Jeremy’s character being written in quite late on. What a dull film it would be without Wigram!

      I do agree with you about some of the contortions of the storyline not quite working.The secrecy about the dialysis refusal didn’t resolve that well, but you know, because it all gallops along so fast, I didn’t dwell on that too much.

      I have to apologise for me not comparing MM with Golden Hour because I never actually saw that show (*gasp of horror*). My bad, as the Californians would say! What was your take on it? Next week’s episode has been promised as one of the best of the season, btw…

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