Miami Medical: One Clue, One Answer

22 Apr

Yesterday Jeffrey Lieber popped another cryptic clue about the next episode up on his unofficial Miami Medical Facebook page. This one: Blathnat.

According to Wikipedia:

Bláthnat is a figure in Irish legend.

Her father is either Mend of Inis Fer Falga (identified as the Isle of Man), Iuchna or Midhir, the fairy king of Brí Léith (located in County Westmeath).

Her father’s kingdom was invaded by warriors of the Red Branch of Ulster, led by Cú Roí and Cúchulainn. The raid led to her capture, along with several cattle and a magic cauldron. Despite her being in love with Cúchulainn, she was chosen by Cú Roí as his personal spoil and marries her, leading to a dispute between the two warriors.

Later, she betrays her husband to his enemies, pouring milk into the River Finglas as a signal that he was at home. subsequent to this treachery, Cú Roí is slain by Cúchulainn.

She is later killed by Cú Roí’s bard Fercherdne, who avenges his master by throwing both himself and Blathnát from a cliff.

Her name means “like a flower”.

Coupled with his other hint, Boudica — who “was a queen of the Brittonic Iceni tribe of what is now known as East Anglia in England, who led an uprising of the tribes against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire,” according to Wikipedia — this should make for a very strange episode.

Fairies and warrior queens… hmmm…. I’m almost afraid to hazard a guess.

Even Jeremy Northam might have a hard time knowing what’s going on with fairies and warrior queens

I hope the good doctors don’t end up operating on a fairy — seems like you’d need some very small surgical equipment — when suddenly the warrior queen bursts in and raids the place. Would Doctor Proctor come to the rescue and fight off Boudica in the name of his tiny patient? Of course he would…

Also, for those of you wondering about the origin of the name for Doctor Zambrano, Writer and Executive Producer Jeffrey Lieber busted himself last night with a twitter: “Wait… wait… Carlos Zambrano to STABILIZE the BULLPEN? Isn’t that a little like ‘Iceland Volcano to help clear up air quality’?”

Carlos Zambrano is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.

Carlos Zambrano

I sent Jeffrey a Twitter back, asking him if that’s where the character’s name came from and this morning he replied: “Guilty as charged.”

by SueVo

originally published at The Exploding Egg and reproduced here by kind permission.

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