Miami Medical – What Lies Beneath and Fun With Weather

17 Apr

As a fully confirmed weather nerd, I have to say the inclusion of a microburst in the latest episode of Miami Medical struck me as pretty damned cool.

A microburst in action

In part that’s because when I first saw the thing rip through a tent in the show’s wedding from hell — causing the chocolate box full of traumas for our intrepid team of doctors to open in surgery — I thought to myself “uh, how realistic is that?”

But once one of the characters commented that it was a microburst, my National Weather Service spotter training came back to me and I realized that not only is it a real phenomenon, but something like that is entirely plausible.

Yay for good science.

Episode three, What Lies Beneath, seems to play around a bit more with relationships between the show’s boys — Doctor Proctor (played by Jeremy Northam) and Doctor Deleo (played by Mike Vogel) — and between the show’s girls — Doctor Warren (played by Elisabeth Harnois) and Doctor Zambrana (played by Lana Parrilla). There’s a bit of sex talk, a bit of flirting and an ending that had me rolling around laughing.

I’ll try not to be too much of a spoiler here, but Jeffrey Lieber’s promise on his unofficial MM site that: “We’re telling you now… (looks over both shoulders)… somebody’s getting nekkid!” is delivered as advertised, with a twist.

I’m not too sure what he means about Northam being a good sport in surgery, although breaking out into a rendition of I’m Looking Over a Four-leaf Clover by Art Mooney while working on a guy with a rod stuck through his torso was pretty funny. It’s always good to hear Northam flex the golden pipes (pun intended).

The episode also investigates the whole concept of what it means to be lucky. If you get speared through with a tent pole but you don’t die, are you lucky or unlucky? Doc Proc has his own take on that, and it leads us back into more of his mysterious past and that scar on his chest.

Lucky for this guy he was hit by a flying pole…

Personally, I’ve never been lucky. But then again, nobody ever talks about the luck of the German Jews. Still, I’ve never been skewered by a large flying object, either, so I guess I should count my blessings.

Anyway, overall another upward step for the young show in my humble opinion — although I wish there were a couple roof shots in this one. I like the idea of Proctor holding court up there.

Let’s hope the audience continues to build and the show cements itself firmly as a keeper in coming weeks.

by SueVo

first published at The Exploding Egg and reproduced here by kind permission

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