Miami Medical Advisor Zach Lutsky On Dr. Oz

13 Apr

Miami Medical’s advisor, Dr. Zach Lutsky, was on Dr. Oz this week giving advice about how to save somebody’s life in a trauma emergency.

Dr. Zach Lutsky

Good stuff — with a few clips from the show thrown in as an added bonus.

Here’s links to the “3 Steps to Save a Life” videos from the Dr. Oz:

Part One:

Part Two:

In the videos, Lutsky and Oz use an audience member to demonstrate how to help a victim of a trauma with common household items while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Step One: Call 911 and check for breathing to make sure airways are open. If it’s a fall, don’t tilt the chin up because you could cause a spinal injury — rather do what they call the jaw thrust maneuver, which doesn’t move the head. They demonstrate in the video.
They also show a household pocket CPR mask that you can use to not touch a patient’s face while helping them to breathe — but really, who has something like that lying around?

Step Two: Check for open wounds. If you find them, apply direct pressure and elevate if it’s on a limb. You can also tie a pressure dressing on the wound with something like a tie or a belt. And they point out to apply pressure directly on the bleeding, not above it, with the dressing.

Step Three: Immobilize the spine. You can hold the person’s head in place, or grab a couple of towels or bags of flour and put them on either side of the person’s head — and even tape them in place — so the person doesn’t move.

Good advice. I think I learned a little something out of it this morning, which is always cool.

Some viewers have pointed out that some aspects on Miami Medical, as far as the medicine is concerned, aren’t all that accurate. I have to think, for instance, that they probably wear surgical masks a lot more in real life than they do in the show — but I’m sure acting behind a surgical mask isn’t easy, not even for an actor as talented as Jeremy Northam.

And well, the show is entertainment — so I’m sure they have to sacrifice some realistic aspects in order to keep the action moving along.

Still, it’s nice to see the show’s technical adviser out there trying to help people with real advice.

Keep up the good work, folks.

by SueVo

originally published at The Exploding Egg and reproduced here by kind permission

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