Miami Medical – What Lies Beneath

12 Apr

The Promo for the next Miami Medical, called What Lies Beneath, is up and available on YouTube, and you can view it here:

As I said in my post on 88 Seconds, the show keeps looking better and better — so I hope to see even more character development this week, along with the non-stop action.

There are rumors of a couple of the characters ending up in bed together. My bet’s on these two:

Mike Vogel as Dr. Chris Deleo and Lana Parrilla as Dr. Eva Zambrano

Doc Proc, Jeremy Northam’s character, doesn’t really seem the type to sleep with a staffer — at least not yet. But who knows. You never can tell from a guy who likes to hang out shirtless on the top of a helicopter pad.

Jeremy Northam in 88 Seconds

At least the promo shows him with another cool line. The patient asks him what if he’s run out of luck, and Proctor says “don’t worry, I’m lucky too.” I guess you would be lucky if you were walking around after being dead for 88 seconds.

Jeremy Northam as Doctor Proctor

Here’s to hoping the fledgling series continues its upward spiral. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

by SueVo

originally published at The Exploding Egg, and reproduced here by kind permission

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