Miami Medical-The Saga Continues

10 Apr

Well, I just watched episode two of Miami Medical and I have to say it was much better than the pilot. The cast is starting to come together more strongly, character tensions and interactions are developing and Jeremy Northam’s man of mystery is still just plain superb — and weird, which I love.

The first episode struck me in spots as sort of cheesy or cliche, with the doctors high-fiving and “look at us go folks” dialogue. The second episode, titled 88 Seconds, seemed a lot less canned.

Of course part of the story in the second one, where the young resident (Elisabeth Harnois) has to fight the imposing head of another department, has been done before on other medical shows like ER — but there were enough twists and character development in the fledgling second Miami Medical episode to forgive it.

Besides, Harnois makes Dr. Serena Warren into a believable unsure but gutsy young surgeon.

Harnois and Northam in 88 Seconds

Not being a doctor or knowing much of anything about it, I can’t really say whether the procedures are accurate. There is one operation where Doc Proc goes in to help near the end of the show (I’m trying to not be too much of a spoiler) which seems like it might have the real-life medical types rolling their eyes.

Episode two thankfully also has a lot more of Northam’s Doctor Proctor in it, and the slow unveiling of the story line behind him and his mystery scar keeps things intriguing.

Northam’s presence has an anchoring effect on the series. His character weaves in and out of story lines, puffing up interest in how the rest of the group will respond to him. Here’s hoping that continues.

The pacing of 88 Seconds is also much improved from the pilot. I suppose that’s a little subjective, but it just seemed to flow a lot more steadily and believably.

Jeremy Northam in the pilot episode

There’s a lot of action and a lot of small stories within the larger story, too, which keeps us short-attention-span addled Gen Xers from drifting off.

Plus I dig Proctor’s love of hanging out on rooftops. Brings me back to my days in Boston when we did a lot of grilling atop five story buildings on Commonwealth Ave. Dangling my feet over the edge, though, as Proctor seems to favor, isn’t really my ball of wax.

So overall I have to say good job guys. Keep it rolling and lets hope that Miami Medical sticks around and draws in more viewers.

by SueVo

first published at The Exploding Egg and reproduced here by kind permission

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