Law of Numbers: the sound of Miami Medical

23 Feb

Jem Carp and Dan Karni are waiting for new medical drama Miami Medical to air with more anticipation and excitement than most (perhaps even more than me, and that’s saying something!). Jem and Dan are independent songwriters and producers from Melbourne, Australia, recording as Law of Numbers. Two tracks (Superstar and 7 Seconds) from their debut EP, featuring vocalist Emilie Gassin, have been chosen for the show.

Jem and Dan told me: “We are certainly thrilled to have two of our songs on a Jerry Bruckheimer TV drama with such a fantastic actor as Jeremy Northam.”

So how come the music of two talented musicians in Oz is being featured in a show made in LA?

Jem and Dan explained: “As you are probably aware the music industry has evolved enormously over the last few years with TV becoming a fantastic forum to reach a mass audience. So, once the EP was done, we sent a few copies to Warner Bros TV in LA and to their writing team (and said a few prayers!). Fortunately for us, they loved the music and could envisage it for Miami Medical. They notified us that they were interested and pretty soon after we licensed our debut single Superstar for use in the show. We are told that the chorus of the song stuck in the heads of the writing team. We understand it will be played in Episode 3 of the show. It is a scene with one of the female doctors sitting at a bar texting a guy. The lyric works well with the scene (“I’m just a girl standing here, wearing only my heart on my sleeve….”).”

Law of Numbers with featured vocalist Emilie Gassin

The second Law of Numbers track, 7 Seconds, will be heard in another episode of Miami Medical. Knowing what having a track featured on a US TV show did for Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars was used in Grey’s Anatomy in 2006 and allowed them to break the US market overnight), we can expect that Law of Numbers have a great future!

Currently, Jem and Dan are writing new material and exploring ways of working with established artists in the US, UK and Australia. “Who knows,” they say, “we may try and get more music onto the show for Season 2, but we are ecstatic to be able to get two songs on the show already!

It’s great for supporters of the show to hear, and like, the sound of Miami Medical! Roll on April 2!

Both tracks featured in Miami Medical are available to listen to on Law of Numbers’ myspace page:, and you can also see the new video for Superstar.
Law of Numbers also have a Facebook page:

Both Superstar and 7 Seconds will also soon be available for download from iTunes.

Many thanks to Jem and Dan for contributing to the Blog. We wish Law of Numbers continued success!

Jeremy Northam is about to be seen on US tv screens every week in
Miami Medical, as Dr Matt Proctor, to air on CBS from April 2, 2010. It will also air on Australian TV later in the year. To see the promos:

To meet other fans and chat about Jeremy’s work, please visit:

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