Jeremy Northam, rock star doc in Miami Medical

8 Feb

After a good deal of “will-we-won’t-we”, and much trying not to get too excited but secretly REALLY hoping, CBS DID broadcast the new Miami Medical trailer during their SuperBowl coverage this weekend. I believe I’m supposed to say well done to some Saints? My husband tells me it’s all to do with that big hurricane…I’m not really any the wiser, I must say!

Hurricanes, of course, would provide excellent fodder for Miami Medical, dealing as it does with major trauma. Here, they only treat people who are dying, they specialise in the “golden hour”, “serve them drinks and meet your maker”. Trauma docs, we are told, are the rock stars of medicine, and at Miami Trauma 1, they are the Rolling Stones (does this make Jeremy Northam’s HotDocProc the medical equivalent of Mick Jagger?? I’d be willing to give him some satisfaction if so…!).

Rock star medic Dr Matt Proctor (Jeremy Northam)

Showing the promo during SuperBowl has generated a lot of Twitter chatter, with many, many people commenting particularly on Jeremy Northam’s participation in the show. Lots of people say they will watch because of Jeremy’s presence (smugness alert: told you so!). And of course, they will be right do so because there is no doubt that he will add an extra gloss of quality to what already looks to be a very exciting new show.

The nods to wonderful old favourite M*A*S*H seem to be emerging with DocProc referencing it in the promo (“M*A*S*H in paradise” is how he describes MT1), we are promised a guest cameo from Captain Hunnicutt (Mike Farrell), and those of us old enough to remember the original will not have missed the latex gloved v-sign. Maybe I’m over-thinking, but can DocProc possibly be Hawkeye in Miami? Certainly, the cameraderie and the dark humour when faced with daily horror are evident, but the pace seems much faster.

My appetite is well and truly whetted, roll on April 2!

Jeremy Northam as Dr Matt Proctor, specialist in "the golden hour".

Jeremy Northam is about to be seen on US tv screens every week in Miami Medical, as Dr Matt Proctor, to air on CBS from April 2, 2010. The promo can be seen at youtube

To meet other fans and chat about Jeremy’s work, please visit:

With special thanks to Joan (HazelPennicott) for providing screencaps.

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