Who is HotDocProc?

1 Feb

Jeremy Northam as Dr Matt Proctor: he scrubs up well!

Jeremy Northam is about to embark on another chapter in his varied career. From April 2 2010 he will appear every week in the hour long US tv show (CBS), Miami Medical, playing Dr Matt Proctor.

Information about the new show has been pretty limited, and information about Doc Proc in particular has been “sketchy”. Jeremy Northam is often the catalyst for the vortex that is my fevered imagination, so naturally I have been having a bit of a wonder about what we might expect to see from the Hot Doc…

The evidence we DO have from CBS PressExpress website http://www.cbspressexpress.com/div.php/cbs_entertainment/original?id=5005&dpid=56 tells us:

MIAMI MEDICAL is about a team of expert surgeons who thrive on the adrenaline rush of working at one of the premiere trauma facilities in the country while drawing upon their wit and irreverence to survive on the edge. As part of the Alpha Team at one of the top trauma hospitals, these professionals exclusively treat patients with life-threatening injuries. Dr. Matthew Proctor is new to the trauma team after leaving a lucrative private practice following his return from a tour of duty in a MASH unit during the first Gulf War.

The draft script hints at “marital issues”, and journalists have reported the character as “enigmatic”, and an “alpha male”. Perhaps most startlingly and significantly, Doc Proc bears an enormous scar on his chest (yes, the make up department are required to apply a large blemish to the Northam chest, a heinous crime and yet no doubt a pleasant task!). I confess to being rather fixated on that scar…the draft script has him telling his colleagues (who also seem fascinated by it, so it must be a whopper or in some other way remarkable) that it is as a result of a massive heart attack, after which he was cut open, pronounced dead and then “came back…but different”. Hmm, intriguing, but different in what way? Good or bad? I’d also like to know whether this heart issue is now resolved, or whether staff ought to beware of saying” boo” too close to him…Will he be shovelling piles of pills down his throat in order to stay alive?

There was a comment in some recent press articles about the Doc having “unusual tastes”. Well, quite frankly, I can take that remark and run with it as far as you’d like me to, but I won’t…perhaps we’d better just wait and see!

Of course, what we all want to know is will Dr Proctor be a good guy, or will we see him scything his callous way through the beautiful ladies of the Miami trauma facility with ne’er a backward glance? A quick straw poll of Northam fans reveals a desire for our guy to be playing a complex, troubled, enigmatic character, an excellent doctor, a compassionate man who is carting around several trunk’s-worth of secret baggage, and yes, Northam fans DO want him to be getting some loving (what a waste of Jeremy Northam it would be if he didn’t, let’s face it!). I think we all hope he’s, ultimately, one of the good guys. One thing’s for sure, he does not appear to be in any way a stick-bearing curmudgeon. So enough of the “House” comparisons, journos, for pity’s sake!

Jeremy Northam is an actor who is able to do things with a script way, way beyond what is contained on the page, and slowly peeling away and revealing the layers of a complex personality is something the man was born to do and does better than most other actors out there today, and certainly much, much better than any currently in tv shows. If Jeremy is allowed to fully flex those awesome chops, I think we have a real treat in store!

Jeremy Northam is about to be seen on US tv screens every week in Miami Medical, as Dr Matt Proctor, to air on CBS from April 2, 2010. The promo can be seen at youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBwyE9WbNOk

To meet other fans and chat about Jeremy’s work, please visit: http://members.boardhost.com/gaylec

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